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June 2011 Blue Ridge Tour with

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Booty Loop – Fresh Pavement 1 HR

July 20, 2010.  Sprint distance workout laps with Donald Haack team.  Very hot, Cool fans at Selwyn pub.

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Donald Haack Team Ride – 42 mi. (ShortCut)

July 17, 2010.   Normal Waxhaw ride sans Rohobeth.  Very fun ride!

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Tour de Y

Saturday July 10th, 2010.  75 miles with Donald Haack.  The ride left from Weddington High.  The high 90s heat and Code Orange Air Quality broke just in time for the ride.  It didn’t rain either.  The conditions were almost too good for a training ride.

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Blue Ridge on the 4th of July

Friday night Booty Loop, 1 hr

Sunday July 4th – Virginia Creeper White Top to Damascus

Monday July 5th – Payne Branch Rd. Up and over the Appalachian Ski top chair lift back down to the Blue Ridge Parkway (mile marker 292) then up to Linn Cove Viaduct / Grandfather Mountain (mile marker 304).  Not a far ride but it’s a challenging climb.

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Regular Donald Haack team Saturday rides

June 12th, 19th, 26th 50-60+ miles each.

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Collier Lilly – Ride 4 Life

The Collier Lilly Ride 4 Life is a recreational bike ride to honor the life of Collier Cobb Lilly, raise awareness and money for organ sharing, and to bring various communities together to celebrate life.

The Donald Haack team had a great showing of riders for this important ride.  62 miles; hot; hilly; plenty of suffering.

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Dog Days

In full kit, the Donld Haack team did the Dallas ride put on by the Boy Scouts of Troop 21-Gastonia.  The ride has some real scenic views and nice roads.  We didn’t pass any walmarts, targets or starbucks…then again we didn’t pass any libraries or museums either.  The boy scounts are great domestics, they are quick to valet bikes and fill bottles.

The ride is full of hills.  At least 1 less climb than last year, but still full of hills.  We finished the last 15 miles super strong; a great training ride.  Here’s the profile from last year:

DogDays Profile

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Donald Haack Short Ride


We took a short ride out to Marvin.  With my commute to Start/ Finish it was about 38 miles.  It was mainly conversation pace.  The ride featured one new rider and one new bike.  One guy was in anther timezone, one guy just slept that way.

Dick and I stopped at a garage sale and told the folks about donating the bike to TripsForKidsCharlotte where they can make a difference and get a tax deduction.  Rejoining the group was harder than I thought.  We were slowed by ducks crossing on Elm Rd, and I’m pretty sure the boys somehow made the light @ BlakeneyHeath/ArdreyKell.. .between the catch up  and the Rea Rd. lead out I definitely got a workout.

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Blue Ridge Parkway, Linville Falls


I went a little further down the parkway this time.  South to mile marker 316.

In my full Donald Haack kit, including vest I headed about 5 miles from the Blue Ridge (mile marker  290).  It was 63 degrees.  The parkway was super crowded with 4th of July drivers.   Anyway, the climbs are getting easier.  I was well under max HR as I reached Flat Top Road.  I enjoyed the views from the ski resort chairlift.  I enjoyed the workout on the climb of mile marker 299/300 and got to the viaducts faster then ever.   Beverly and the kids met me at the falls for an African Peanut Soup picnic and a hike to some scenic overlooks afterward.  While waiting for them, I survived on the kindness of strangers.   Special thanks to the girls from Cambodia for sharing some watermelon with me.  And special thanks to the Charlotte bound tourists that shared their cold sliced apple wedges.

7/5 Rained out.  The rain was hard enough to turn back before I reached the Blue Ridge.   The speeding traffic, winding turns and no shoulder is bad enough, add fog and wet roads and I’ll turn back.

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